Light Falling Through The Trees


I have abandoned Facebook. Well I, sort of, like abandoned Facebook.  I am specifically referring to my personal page.  The feed that I would see became more and more limited.  The same thing, the same people everyday.  Don’t get me wrong, the people are great and I know personally each and every friend that I have on Facebook.  But it was the constant barrage of ads that really worked on me.  I lost interest in Facebook just like I lost interest in commercial television decades ago.  It was the ads that did the medium in for me.  I continue to keep a personal page up for those who are interested and I will push content that I create on other platforms to it.  I also will continue to be very active in posting content to my artist page.  Yup, you guessed it.  I am not about to miss out on the publicity factor that Facebook offers.  That brings me to another point.  If you are not actively going to my page to get the updates, then you are certain to not see a thing that I put up.  If you operate a business type of page on Facebook, then they want you to spend money to boost your posts.  AKA, pay them the money and they will share your content on someone’s news feed as a sponsored post.  I get it, I really do, we are all out there to make a dollar.  I must admit that Facebook’s approach is genius. I even experimented with boosting some posts on another business page that I started to promote my company, The Bohemian Culture House.  The results from the trial run were promising. So much in fact that I am creating a campaign to run later in the year that will strategically boost posts when we announce new products and offer discounts.  Heck, I will probably start boosting posts that I make to my artist page as well.

With regards to publishing content, well we are going back to our roots.  The website is really where the magic happens.  That is where artwork that I create is posted and made available for sale.  That is where my collectors, designers and consultants know where to go to view the galleries when they are searching for a work to purchase or to recommend to a client.  That is the place where I want to drive the traffic.  This Empty Blog is where I get to run my mouth and get some thoughts out of my head.  This is where I get to write whatever I care to on any topic that comes to mind.  Mostly it is about art, the practice of meditation, nature, sharing lessons learned, or just sharing my art and talking about it.  I used to write many posts that would end up here in the past.  Take a look at the archives on the right side of the blog.  You will quickly notice the time lapse that would occur between posts.  This would reflect the periods of time that I was 1.) just so damn busy and working on production deadlines or 2.) spending way too much time posting on social media.

I believe in the full circle effect of things.  While I have and love An Empty Blog, I have also created another blog over on simply titled Christopher Thomas Limbrick.  I plan to publish original content on both blogs on a regular basis.  Some content will be published to both blogs simultaneously.  The primary reason for operating two blogs on two different platforms using basically the same content is that I hope to build a bigger audience that I can drive to, you guessed it, my primary artist website and my business website.  I will be effectively melding Christopher Thomas Limbrick and The Bohemian Culture House together through these posts in order to share traffic between the two sites.

My growing dischord for my Facebook personal page led to my realization that it is far more productive and powerful to create genuine content on a blog platform or to my websites directly, and then push that content to social media.  I am pretty excited about that.  I began this post with the objective to discuss the new work, Light Falling Through The Trees that appears above. However, I got distracted and decided to do some explaining.  I have a habit about doing that.  Both being distracted and caring to explain.  In an effort to not run this post into a completely different topic, even if that topic was the original premise of the post, I will offer a quick description of the attached work.  It is a full color photograph that was made on a particular cold and windy Winter night here in Richmond, Virginia.  The final result of the photoshoot became a collection of twelve monochrome images that will be available in the coming months.  I will tell you more about them, in a new post.


It worked the first time!

So, I have a blog over on Medium that I began experimenting with.  Yes, I know, I have not written a new post here on the Empty Blog for quite some time.  How ironic is that? An Empty Blog?! I also learned about this thing called Bloglovin, so I started checking that out.  It turns out that by experimenting with these two platforms, I have been exposed to a plethora of writers producing fantastic content!  My girlfriend happens to be an excellent writer and produces a blog of her own right here on WordPress called Learning Strikhedonia,

One afternoon in the studio we were sipping tea while discussing different ideas about how to promote our blogs.  While we both are routinely published, we are not professional writers by any means.  Meaning that we do not rely on our copy to pay the bills.  Art production, well that is another matter because we do rely on those sales to pay the bills.  So go out and support your artist friends and purchase original art!  We wanted to figure out how we could best reach a growing audience who would be interested in and benefit by reading our work, without spending an extraordinary amount of time on promotion.  So, I started digging around and came upon both Medium and Bloglovin.  These platforms support independent bloggers by pushing content to their respective audiences based on interests, likes, previously read material, etc.  While Medium is a dedicated blogging platform like WordPress, it promotes and cross promotes content in a very dynamic manner to its users.  Those users reap the reward of easily being fed new and relevant content while the authors reap the benefits of promotion.  Bloglovin acts a collector of individual blogs across all blog platforms and then dishes out that content in a variety of ways that include curated collections, search features, feeds and more.  One can now even directly create a blog post from their profile on Bloglovin. A blogger who is also a Bloglovin user simply connects one or more blogs that they operate to their profile by “claiming” their blog.  Once this is done,  their content is included in the mix for all to discover!  It is so simple that I was actually able to connect my blog on Medium to my profile on Bloglovin on the first try.  I realize that this may not seem to be such an impressive feat, but I am quite proud of this accomplishment.  So here I am on An Empty Blog on WordPress connecting again by pasting the HTML text below:

<a href=”″>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Disclaimer:  I created this post for the explicit purpose of connecting An Empty Blog to my Bloglovin profile.  I really did not mean to actually write a full entry, but I do hope that it is useful for some reader out there somewhere!


Bohemian Culture House


I bet you guys thought that I had abandoned The Empty Blog!  Well, in certain respects I would agree.  I have not posted anything new here for a very long time.  But, I never forgot about this special place.  The interesting thing is that the last post, which was from early 2017, was announcing the roll out of Official Christopher Thomas Limbrick merchandise.  This post is about announcing the roll out of The Bohemian Culture House.  You see, nothing is ever static.  Everything is moving, vibrating, growing, learning, etc.  Our art continues to grow everyday.  The Official Christopher Thomas Limbrick grew to become The Bohemian Culture House and we could not be more excited about it!  Over the past year we have been traveling and shooting, drawing and painting, designing and building. We are creating an art mecca here in Richmond, Virginia that is all about spreading the love and shining the light through our positive vibes.  Just like our little elephant mascot friend, we are “elevating the beautiful” with our products and our messaging.  We invite you to join us and to “Become a Bohemian”. Come check us out online at  We have beautiful and fun designs and without a doubt, the coolest yoga pants you have ever seen!  We look forward to seeing you soon.  As always, the fine art that I produce can be found at  I am producing new work all the time and I have recently updated and refined this site to be much more dynamic and easier to navigate. Come stop by for a visit and feel free to hang out for a while.  See you soon!

Official Shop in the works.

The year has arrived.  2017.  It is not just another year that comes after a previous one and before another.  It is the year of artwork and a new official merchandise shop for Christopher Thomas Limbrick, artist.  We have been working hard right at the start of the first month of this great new year to bring to you The Official Christopher Thomas Limbrick and the self created brands that showcase all that is cool, funky, and fresh.

Set to open in Spring 2017, the new shop will offer all the goodness from the Artist’s house brands: Buddhafari, YOGA/YOGI, and RVA Art/Experience.  Stay tuned, because sneak peeks will be dropped regularly.  You can find it all at:


You will Never Complete Me.

via Self-love is a Journey. | elephant journal


For some time I have enjoyed reading the positive articles on Elephant Journal.  Now, Jennifer Davis is writing them!  Check this one out, her newest.

Reflection Created by Shadows


The making of art sometimes comes in the form of shadows on a wall. It does not have to be complicated, it can be the most simple in form or image, just as long as the work builds a window where the viewer can peer into the soul of the artist.  I like windows.  I like them most because I want to be able to connect with the outside while I happen to be on the inside.  Perhaps it my preference towards open spaces, but connecting with the outdoors helps me to manage my anxiety at times.  This is part of the reason as to why I drive with my window down during any time of year or weather.

Art is often made with great effort, thought and planning.  Art can also just simply appear. Either way, it is art.  Again, so long as it captures a moment, tells a story, and provides a glimpse into the world of the artist.  I enjoy from time to time looking into my image archives to revisit work that I have created in the past. On occasion I will peruse the folders of work that I created but never published.  I love these folders because they contain so many images that act as a visual documentary of my progress of growth and living life to the fullest. This afternoon I ran across this particular image from eight years ago.  I love the antique feel and the haunting quality of this image.  I made this photograph in a bathroom that I was working on during one cold night with a full and brilliant moon.

I was personally going through a huge life transition during the making of this photograph.  It was moment of time during the beginning of the Great Recession where my business was being transformed and simultaneously during the end of a marriage where a personal relationship was being transformed.  During this time an opportunity was presented for me to live in an old house that I affectionately called the “Haunted House Thrift Shop”.  My carpentry services were traded for rent and utilities.  This run down structure became my home for approximately six months.  I created a make shift living space for myself and my dog on the second floor while the lower level served as a thrift store of sorts that was opened to the public every Saturday.  I transformed one of the empty bedrooms into an art studio.  I worked diligently during the day to repair the broken house and worked through the night on my art projects.

It was in the dead of Winter and the night was cold.  It was too cold to venture outside for any reason.  I had been working on renovating one of the bathrooms.  On this particular night I had worked late to place another layer of plaster on the walls. Once I had finished and turned off the lights I noticed how bright the moon was.  I had decided to grab a beer from the refrigerator and return to this little room to gaze upon the moon for a bit and have a smoke.  The cold air rushed in as soon as I opened the window, but that did not bother me as the room was plenty warm.  I sat for a spell to appreciate the brilliant light that flooded in from this glowing ornament in the night sky.  The room became filled with shadows that were cast by the moon.  I sat long enough to watch them move across the wall.  At one point I witnessed the above image and immediately grabbed my camera.  This image captured the entire night in one frame.  Everything about the night, beginning with the construction work and ending with the creating of art, was captured.  The imperfections that remained on the wall were accompanied by my pencil markings that identified them.  The beer bottle that sat on the window sill from my end of day celebration was joined by an ashtray. a journal and a pen.  Smoke from the burning cigarette looked soft and pale in comparison to the hard lines of the window itself.  This image became a reflection of life to me the moment that I saw it that night.  Today, while revisiting this image, it remains a reflection of life to me.  I remember the smell of the wet plaster, the cold temperature of the air and the bluish hue of the shadows that were cast by the most magnificent of full moons.  I remember thinking at the time about how creative it appeared that a metaphorical reflection of life was being created by shadows.  The thought itself seemed to juxtapose the idea of the window creating both an entry and an exit between the inside and the outside at the same time.  This photograph captured a moment during the transition of a deeply personal era.

This artwork is of simple form, one that required very little thought or planning to create. The photograph literally became a window to the soul of an artist. Maybe one day it will end up in the Whitney.  At least for now, it is published.  I suppose I will need to move it to a different folder!


Whisky drinking on a Lake

Well, no matter what the discourse may happen to be anywhere in the world, it remains a beautiful place. I was fortunate to spend many nights under the stars at Lake Moomaw in Covington, Virginia during two separate trips over the past month.  This wonderful lake serves as a fresh water reservoir that is surrounded by mountains in the George Washington National Forest.  It is a majestic place that lures one into a particular comfort that only nature can provide.  For me, it was the perfect retreat from the city where I quickly settled into the surreal qualities of heavenly light.  The only chatter came from the chipmunks that scurried about.  The only news was the changing direction of the breeze and the moving ripples on the water.  The only exploit came from a half empty whisky bottle that sat beside me.  I enjoyed my time away from the sometimes uncomfortable civilized world of the often times discontent, while I willingly allowed the sun to tread on me.

These five images were the bounty from my time in this slice of paradise.  They are yet to be titled, but that will come in time. If you get a chance to visit, please tell the chipmunks that I said hello.