Official Shop in the works.

The year has arrived.  2017.  It is not just another year that comes after a previous one and before another.  It is the year of artwork and a new official merchandise shop for Christopher Thomas Limbrick, artist.  We have been working hard right at the start of the first month of this great new year to bring to you The Official Christopher Thomas Limbrick and the self created brands that showcase all that is cool, funky, and fresh.

Set to open in Spring 2017, the new shop will offer all the goodness from the Artist’s house brands: Buddhafari, YOGA/YOGI, and RVA Art/Experience.  Stay tuned, because sneak peeks will be dropped regularly.  You can find it all at:



You will Never Complete Me.

via Self-love is a Journey. | elephant journal


For some time I have enjoyed reading the positive articles on Elephant Journal.  Now, Jennifer Davis is writing them!  Check this one out, her newest.

Reflection Created by Shadows


The making of art sometimes comes in the form of shadows on a wall. It does not have to be complicated, it can be the most simple in form or image, just as long as the work builds a window where the viewer can peer into the soul of the artist.  I like windows.  I like them most because I want to be able to connect with the outside while I happen to be on the inside.  Perhaps it my preference towards open spaces, but connecting with the outdoors helps me to manage my anxiety at times.  This is part of the reason as to why I drive with my window down during any time of year or weather.

Art is often made with great effort, thought and planning.  Art can also just simply appear. Either way, it is art.  Again, so long as it captures a moment, tells a story, and provides a glimpse into the world of the artist.  I enjoy from time to time looking into my image archives to revisit work that I have created in the past. On occasion I will peruse the folders of work that I created but never published.  I love these folders because they contain so many images that act as a visual documentary of my progress of growth and living life to the fullest. This afternoon I ran across this particular image from eight years ago.  I love the antique feel and the haunting quality of this image.  I made this photograph in a bathroom that I was working on during one cold night with a full and brilliant moon.

I was personally going through a huge life transition during the making of this photograph.  It was moment of time during the beginning of the Great Recession where my business was being transformed and simultaneously during the end of a marriage where a personal relationship was being transformed.  During this time an opportunity was presented for me to live in an old house that I affectionately called the “Haunted House Thrift Shop”.  My carpentry services were traded for rent and utilities.  This run down structure became my home for approximately six months.  I created a make shift living space for myself and my dog on the second floor while the lower level served as a thrift store of sorts that was opened to the public every Saturday.  I transformed one of the empty bedrooms into an art studio.  I worked diligently during the day to repair the broken house and worked through the night on my art projects.

It was in the dead of Winter and the night was cold.  It was too cold to venture outside for any reason.  I had been working on renovating one of the bathrooms.  On this particular night I had worked late to place another layer of plaster on the walls. Once I had finished and turned off the lights I noticed how bright the moon was.  I had decided to grab a beer from the refrigerator and return to this little room to gaze upon the moon for a bit and have a smoke.  The cold air rushed in as soon as I opened the window, but that did not bother me as the room was plenty warm.  I sat for a spell to appreciate the brilliant light that flooded in from this glowing ornament in the night sky.  The room became filled with shadows that were cast by the moon.  I sat long enough to watch them move across the wall.  At one point I witnessed the above image and immediately grabbed my camera.  This image captured the entire night in one frame.  Everything about the night, beginning with the construction work and ending with the creating of art, was captured.  The imperfections that remained on the wall were accompanied by my pencil markings that identified them.  The beer bottle that sat on the window sill from my end of day celebration was joined by an ashtray. a journal and a pen.  Smoke from the burning cigarette looked soft and pale in comparison to the hard lines of the window itself.  This image became a reflection of life to me the moment that I saw it that night.  Today, while revisiting this image, it remains a reflection of life to me.  I remember the smell of the wet plaster, the cold temperature of the air and the bluish hue of the shadows that were cast by the most magnificent of full moons.  I remember thinking at the time about how creative it appeared that a metaphorical reflection of life was being created by shadows.  The thought itself seemed to juxtapose the idea of the window creating both an entry and an exit between the inside and the outside at the same time.  This photograph captured a moment during the transition of a deeply personal era.

This artwork is of simple form, one that required very little thought or planning to create. The photograph literally became a window to the soul of an artist. Maybe one day it will end up in the Whitney.  At least for now, it is published.  I suppose I will need to move it to a different folder!


Whisky drinking on a Lake

Well, no matter what the discourse may happen to be anywhere in the world, it remains a beautiful place. I was fortunate to spend many nights under the stars at Lake Moomaw in Covington, Virginia during two separate trips over the past month.  This wonderful lake serves as a fresh water reservoir that is surrounded by mountains in the George Washington National Forest.  It is a majestic place that lures one into a particular comfort that only nature can provide.  For me, it was the perfect retreat from the city where I quickly settled into the surreal qualities of heavenly light.  The only chatter came from the chipmunks that scurried about.  The only news was the changing direction of the breeze and the moving ripples on the water.  The only exploit came from a half empty whisky bottle that sat beside me.  I enjoyed my time away from the sometimes uncomfortable civilized world of the often times discontent, while I willingly allowed the sun to tread on me.

These five images were the bounty from my time in this slice of paradise.  They are yet to be titled, but that will come in time. If you get a chance to visit, please tell the chipmunks that I said hello. 


HEALTHCARE needs a little THC


Rainy days make perfect art days.  It has been so rainy on the east coast for the past few weeks.  I remember a couple of sunny days about a week ago, but the sun is always shining in my studio.  We are currently receiving some rainfall as a result of Mathew’s visit. Fortunately here in Richmond, VA it is just rain.  I started this day exactly when I felt like it.  I ate breakfast at 11:30 in the morning after sleeping in and arising at what many would consider to be an unreasonable hour.  After that I did absolutely nothing.  Ok, I took a shower where I proceeded to fall asleep while under the water’s magic spell.  I breathed in and exhaled continuously while I lounged about reading updates concerning the buffoonery that we call the 2016 election. PLEASE! And I played with the dog.

The laziest of all lazy days was upon me and I was going to rise to the occasion.  I only left my simple apartment to join Jennifer in walking the dog and going to the store to purchase more beer and a frozen pizza.   Other than that my accomplishments included taking a nap and drinking beer.  To be fair, I did clean up my studio and organize some camping gear and winter clothing in preparation for an upcoming trip.  I researched trucks and recreation vehicles because, well because I want one of each and today has been like living a fantasy and I decided to go all in.  Being an artist grants me a particular license to justify just about any crazy idea that I birth.  That is how I get away sometimes acting like an eight year old, like earlier today when I splashed about in the rain puddles along the street curb completely soaking my pants.

Being an artist also allows me to create very important public service messages like the tee shirt in the picture above.  I do not have the energy to go on a political rant about why a miracle plant is still illegal in the United States, or perhaps I do not want such a rant to kill my buzz.  At any point I care to share with you one simple word.  HEALTHCARE.  Our current state of health care is not just broken, it is down right criminal.  If we truly wish to help our people, to care for them, to make us all healthy, happy and wise, then all we need to do is to free the THC.

Note: If you are interested in a shirt, then just let me know!  I think they are gonna be about 19 bucks.  Everyone should have two!

Peace is within

There will come a time for all of us

when the suffering will take a break.

When the mind will relax and stop trying.

It will be when we surrender, against our own will.

That time will come.

It will not be perfect, it will be surrounded and consumed with chaos.

The pain and turmoil that appears to be present will become apparent to us,

and we will realize that it is simply the baggage that we are carrying around,

every morning, everyday, and every night.

The time will come for all of us that we simply let go.

But it is not death that becomes our resonance, but the fortitude of life.

Like after a horrible storm, in the new day we are free to  actually appreciate the beauty of what we were blessed to wake up to.

We will only then realize that it is our choice about how life treats us.

Like the smell of a new place is no different than that of a new composition through the lens upon which we view, it is where we find excitement.

So often we venture through life, making our decisions according to  what we think that we want, what will benefit us, what will take care of us, or worse, what others will think.

What we fail to realize is that we are operating according to the ego.  We can not see that this method of thinking is detrimental to our very being.  But, a time will come for all of us that we let that go.

When we are finally able to let that go we will find ourselves comfortable operating as our own true selves.  Nothing else will matter.

We will finally be able to give ourselves permission to be who we truly are, no walls, no obstruction will then exist for us to just be.

It is this freeing moment that we are able to release judgement and that we are able to forgive others, but most importantly, ourselves.

This is when we become free from the ego that governs our mind.

This is when we can begin to love.

It is only when we love that we can truly live.

The Perfect Change

Letting Go (1 of 1)

Letting go is a simple concept that requires only a simple action to complete. While it is one of the most beneficial practices for each of us to thoroughly learn, it is also one of the hardest for us to complete. The end of a relationship of any kind presents to us the greatest opportunity to practice letting go.  Yet we often do exactly the opposite, we hold on. This holding on that we instead choose to practice is motivated by fear and led by the ego. It’s action is rich with negative energy, which is why we feel suffering when we practice it.

The suffering that we must endure when we are holding onto something or someone is born through the attachment that we have  created. Attachment in any form is made possible by thoughts that are driven by the ego. These attachments that we create are our desires to have and control something for our personal benefit. They become strong and powerful when we feed them. They continue to grow until their very existence takes control of us. The attachment, much like a drug, becomes the dominant force that dictates our actions by continuously breeding the fear in us that is necessary for us to continue the practice of holding on.

What we do not realize is happening when we practice holding on is that we are filling ourselves with negative energy that will ultimately make us toxic. We begin becoming first toxic within ourselves, then we become toxic to the circle of people who surround us, then through any communicative channel available we radiate our toxic selves unto the world. We forget, or perhaps we do not realize, that we are constantly radiating our energy, in what ever form it is either positive or negative. This radiance is what determines what we attract. The old adage of “like attracts like” is real and true.  When we fill ourselves with negative energy,we in turn will exude it, thus attracting more of the same so that we can then use it again to feed ourselves. As with anything else in this world, it is a cycle that will continue over and over again until we wake up and decide to break it. If we choose to continue practicing holding on, then we will not have the energy to change our mind and to begin practicing letting go, and we will continue to suffer.

This change of mind between choosing to hold on or to let go is often a monumental feat for us. As with most attachments, or addictions for that matter, we often will find ourselves in a deep and dark place before we are willing to dig down deep within ourselves in order to muster the courage and the strength to actually make the change. As hard as it will be for us, whatever led us to the moment of our transformation will be recognized as one of our greatest teachers once we complete the shift. We will also immediately benefit from this change in so many ways that we would not ever be able to imagine. When we begin to let go, the suffering will stop. Our muscles will begin to relax, our breathing will improve and we will begin to feel true peace. The negative energy that we packed into  our reservoirs will begin to deplete, we will no longer be working to produce that same energy because we will be working to produce a new positive energy.

It is when we put forth the effort to to make this perfect change that we will stop being so focused on trying to get what we want that we will start receiving exactly what we need. We will begin to find ourselves in the now and start to realize that we are in fact in control of absolutely nothing while inhabiting this world. Once we learn this very simple concept, letting go of the control that we previously held onto to exist becomes easier and easier. This new ease that we have finally found becomes our new way of living.